Sunday, April 29, 2012

30 Days of Shakespeare - Day 25

My conscience hath a thousand several tongues,
And every tongue brings in a several tale,
And every tale condemns me for a villain. -- King Richard, Act V, Scene III

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DaddyBear said...

When we do self examination, we tend to emphasize the evil that we do, no matter how slight. It's important to look at what we do wrong, so we at least can say we've made the effort to improve, but we also have to give ourselves credit for what we do right. Maybe you didn't do too well trying to cut a ragged hole in the target, but at least you went to the range and hit the target. Maybe you were a little irresponsible with money last month, but at least you have a job to make money and paid all the bills and made sure there were groceries in the house.

In short, lighten up on yourself. You may find that you are your worst critic.

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