Sunday, April 29, 2012

Garden Update

After a month and a half of weekends, the new raised garden beds / retaining wall is complete.  We've even got some things planted.  More will go in if we can ever get a good stretch of warm weather.

Probably going to be watermelon or cucumbers

250 Strawberry plants.
Irish Woman and Boo harvested a few berries from the plants that were
transplanted from the old bed

Carrots are sprouting

Tomatoes will probably go here

Onions are coming along well.
The other side of the bed will be either cucumbers or watermelon
 Our fruit trees are doing OK.  Some are doing better than others.  We had hopes for another great harvest of cherries, but we had a false spring and even with draping canvas and such around the trees at night, we didn't have very many cherries out of a whole lot of blooms.

It's a good year for peaches

and grapes

Not such a good year for cherries

Our big cherry tree
It was covered in blooms, but has very few cherries on it
We also cleaned up a couple of the beds in the front of the house.  It's amazing what a shovel, a rake, a few yards of weed barrier, and some mulch can do.
I saved some volunteer flowers and sunflower plants when I put down barrier and mulch

24 hours ago, this was overgrown with weeds 
Two new peach trees
It's also a great year for tiger lillies
We are definitely going to have to thin and split the tiger lillies next spring.  They are taking over.  They grow wild here, so any place you give them a little cultivation and attention they run rampant.
The tiger lilly thicket
In a couple of months, you won't be able to see the house through all the orange

The false spring that hurt our cherry crop also burned some of the shrubs
We have a few critters in the yard.
Old Mr. Frog is slowly becoming one with the earth
We've had him as long as we've had the house

A giraffe finds his way out of the jungle

The Giraffe was done by YardBirds
We have a few of their sculptures scattered around the yard.
Once I get the tiger lillies under control, maybe I'll find them.

Not all of our landscaping is edible.
Some of it is just pretty

We started out with one yucca, which Irish Woman unsuccessfully tried to kill
We now have 12
I keep them around because they remind me of Arizona


Chasing Freedom said...

All your beds look wonderful! Those tiered beds make me want to try raising our garden this year. I hear ya on the false spring, too. I think I lost all the fruit on my pears and on my persimmon tree.

DaddyBear said...

Thanks. I got Irish Woman a book on square foot gardening, and she took the opportunity of me wanting to build a retaining wall to suggest these.

Brian in Florida said...

Man, you make me look like a slacker "SLACKER"! I blew all the leaves off my yard and the next door. Well actually I just piled them up for a rake job later, but it wore me out, then I HAVE to see the pictures you posted and now i feel like a couch potatoe, Umm potatoe (yes with an e).
Guess I better start trimming the hedges and working on tree eradication in the back yard, Dam I so hate playing catch up.
Looks awesome!

DaddyBear said...

Thanks and welcome Brian! The established fruit trees have been there for years, and Irish Woman does most of the planting of new ones. Other than the new garden beds, most of that work went on over the past 10 years.

Auntie J said...

We're going to terrace our backyard, and put in some raised flower beds, but that's probably not going to happen this year.

Ruth said...

The beds look awesome, wanna come build some for me?

My fruit trees WERE doing ok, but it hit mid 20's last night and its supposed to do it again tonight, and I'm not so sure they're gonna make it.

Julie said...

Okay, I get the hint, I'll redo the vegie patch next weekend (if it stops raining!)

DaddyBear said...

Auntie J and Ruth, they're very easy to put together. All they are is decking screws, 4x4 and 1x6. The simple rectangles took less than an hour apiece to build. The tiered bed for strawberries was a bit more work, but pretty easy once you get to it.

Julie, enjoy the rain while you get it.

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