Sunday, April 22, 2012

Oh yeah

Last night, I showed y'all the two big pork roasts I was going to cook up for Sunday dinner.  After a good rub and a night under tin foil in the refrigerator, I put them on the smoker for about 5 hours.
Skin and fat side up

The meaty side went down on the grill, while the skin and fat side went up.  I put charcoal on either side in the grill, and put damp cherry and maple twigs on top of the charcoal.  I was going to use apple too, but couldn't find the bag of apple wood I put back last fall.

The smoke ring was about half an inch deep in the meat, and the skin and fat has a very nice smoky smell to it.  I saved all that, and I see a big pot of beans and rice sometime in my future.

Irish Woman didn't have time to make barbecue sauce from scratch, so we took a couple bottles of our favorite store-bought, juiced it up with half a cup of Woodford Reserve and some chili powder, and let it simmer for about 20 minutes.   It had a very nice smoky flavor and a bit of a bite from the chili powder.  I have some of that left, so the leftover pork is probably going to go into a crockpot on low with it for a few hours tomorrow and be served up on buns.

Our sides were au gratin potatoes, some of the last of our corn from last summer, and country style green beans with bacon and onions.

A good feed was had by all, and since several of the families we'd asked over couldn't make it, we had a huge load of leftovers.  Look for my cholesterol to skyrocket over the next few days.


Country Tea said...

Oh... those look good!

GunDiva said...

That sounds fabulous. And the pictures made my mouth water.

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