Monday, January 31, 2011

Things that do not surprise me, but are in the news

I guess I'm naive, but I like the 'new' in the 'news' to mean that only things that will surprise me or I will find novel should be included in my news.  Here are a few of the things that were on the news today that my only response was "No kidding?":

  • The head of the TSA is freezing the number of airports who will use contract security instead of TSA screeners because he doesn't see much point in it.  No kidding?  A government bureaucrat is deciding to make sure that the public has no choice but to use the 'services' of his agency? 
  • Egypt's economy is tanking because foreigners are taking their tourist money and getting the heck out of Dodge.  Really?  Tourists don't like going to places where CNN is showing pictures of violent protests and riots? 
  • The mid-west and Plains states are bracing for a rather nasty blizzard which is expected to dump snow and ice over a large part of the country.  No fooling?  It's bleeding January and they're surprised that it's snowing and blowing on the plains?  
  • If a person wants to lose weight or maintain a good body mass ratio, they should eat less and exercise more.  Really?  The magic bullet for weight control is to follow your grandmother's advice of "Eat your vegetables" and "Go outside and play"?
In other news, the ocean is still wet, politicans tend to steal and lie in order to stay in office, and the sun rose this morning.

For the newsies out there, please start reporting things that we don't expect to happen, not things that can be predicted.   The rest can be filtered out and no-one will complain.


Old NFO said...

Good ones DB, but somebody needs to tell the TSA that airports can LEGALLY opt out of TSA... sigh... and yeah, I got told to eat my veggies and told go outside (and stay there) :-)

DaddyBear said...

I wonder if an airport can opt out, but that decision can be vetoed by the TSA for "safety and security" reasons?

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