Friday, January 14, 2011


OK, if you're doing the horizontal mambo with a lady and you don't realize she's dead, you're doing it wrong.

One of three things is going on here:

  1. This guy is a sick bastard who shouldn't be allowed out among normal people.
  2. This guy doesn't know that your partner should at least occasionally move, make noise, or at least breathe.
  3. This guys was too drunk/stoned/stupid to tell the difference between a living breathing woman and a corpse.

Good gravy, I hope this bluntskull hasn't procreated.


Old NFO said...

OR his techniques REALLY suck...

ShortWoman said...

If he keeps up like this, he never will procreate!

This is, as they say, a Good Thing.

BTW, my word verification is "messi." This situation sure is!

Shannon said...

I guess his past mattress mambo experiences were quite similar...deadening disinterest from his partner...that's why he couldn't tell the difference! What a jackwagon.

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