Thursday, June 17, 2010

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

A section of the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge in Arizona has been closed to the public because the government feels it's too dangerous.

Is it too dangerous because of volcanoes?  Maybe unstable land formations that fall over in a stiff wind?  Or perhaps it's full of old mines that kooky old men are using to hide their illicit activities from a group of teenagers and their dog who travel the country in a green van looking for mischief?

Nope, it's been marked off as a denied area because of the violence brought to our territory by drug and human smugglers.

That's right.  Our government has ceded access to a part of our country by citizens to foreigners who are entering the country illegally. They are either bringing poison into the country, or they are bringing in people who have not gotten permission from the American people to enter the country.  Either way, the government is letting go of its responsibility to protect not only the borders of our country, but to protect American citizens from foreigners who are doing them harm.

What is the definition of the "foreign" enemy in "enemies, foreign and domestic" in the oaths they take if it's not a foreign citizen who comes across our border and causes so much grief that a section of our country is considered too dangerous for civilians to enter?

If the government does not want our citizens to be hurt by foreign criminals on American soil, it should remove those criminals who are on our soil, and prevent more from entering.  It should not just give up territory because it's hard to provide the security that is one of its fundamental duties.

If the government won't do it, then someone else in the country should.  I'm not for vigilantism, but if a group of armed Americans wants to stroll through this area and see if anyone threatens or takes a shot at them for being there, then I'm OK with that.  If the government doesn't want that to happen, then they should substitute "U.S. Marshalls" for "armed Americans" and execute.

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