Wednesday, June 30, 2010

From the "No Kidding" File

A Turkish report on the flotilla incident posits that at least 31 rounds were fired in the fight aboard the ships of the "peace" flotilla that was boarded by Israeli commandos.  You remember that, don't you?  That's the one where the peaceful Islamic protesters were trying to peacefully bring peaceful supplies like chocolate puppies and cashmere underwear for peaceful purposes to the peaceful people of Gaza.  These peaceful do-gooders greeted the Israeli commandos who fast-roped down to their deck with a peaceful round of lead pipes and fists and whatever was loose to be used as a peace-club.

Apparently when you physically threaten a highly trained and armed Israeli commando, you might get a little shot.

The Turks are complaining that a lot of the dead peaceful Turkish citizens were shot in the head, showing "show Israeli forces were shooting to kill.".

No fooling?  I'd say the commando was trying to put down a clear and present threat to him and his mission and chose to shoot at the one part of the human body that if targeted properly will stop a threat in its tracks.

Here's a message to the Turkish and Palestinian people who are shocked at this:

Look, skeezix, there is no such thing as shooting to wound, or a warning shot.  Pulling a trigger means you are employing "deadly force".  Deadly, for those of you who need an explanation, means "meant to kill".  If you and a bunch of your khat-chewing, camel-hustling cousins decide to physically assault a commando, his response is going to be to try to kill you. He's not going to try to disable you, he's not going to try to scare you off.  He's going to try to put several small holes in your vital organs and blood pathways in order to make you stop trying to kill or hurt him.

If these "peaceful" protesters were in fact trying to be peaceful and make a political point about the legality of the Israeli blockade of Gaza, then they should take a page from Gandhi and MLK.  When the Israeli helicopters and ships show up to stop your little boats and keep you from getting to Gaza with dual use products, stop your engines, turn on the video cameras and satellite up-links, and sit down on the deck.  Force the Israelis to either let you go on or they can be the bad guys in front of the cameras and the whole world.

Don't meet a boarding party with weapons and fists and then cry that some of y'all got ventilated.

The less excuse you give a man with a gun to shoot you, the less shot you will get.

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