Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Free Ammo

For those of you who read gun blogs, and haven't been under a rock or in a coma these past few weeks, you already know that M.D. Creekmore of The Survivalist Blog is giving away 1000 rounds of 9mm ammunition, which was provided by Lucky Gunner.  Entry requires mention of the sites involved on a blog, so this is my entry.

In all seriousness, I read Survivalist Blog all the time.  It's a great source of good, down-to-earth preparedness information.  I've bought ammunition from Lucky Gunner on a few occasions, and I've been very happy with their prices, shipping times, and customer service.

So, if you're looking for good ammunition or good reading, mosey on over to Lucky Gunner or Survivalist Blog.

1 comment:

Shannon said...

It just so happens I HAVE been under a rock WHILE in a coma - good thing I read your blog!

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