Thursday, June 17, 2010

Adding my own touch

Took Girlie Bear for a treat at Starbucks a few weeks ago.  While they made her a "Tall double chocolate extra whip hot cocoa with sprinkles of cinnamon powder and fairy dust", I sipped my cup of hot, strong brewed coffee with cream and sugar while I browsed their sale rack of coffee stuff. I've been looking for a ceramic cup with a locking lid to use at work, and I found this one on clearance:

It's basically the same form factor as their normal large coffee cup, but it's made of ceramic instead of paper.  Girlie Bear informs me that the "Red" designation means that Starbucks will donate some of the proceeds to charity.  

On the side, there's the usual list of things that the Barista's put in a coffee, with a cute "Hope' square below it to signify the feeling I should have when drinking from a mug that helps charity. 

Apparently, Starbucks doesn't know me very well:

There,  I think that displays what I want in my coffee every morning.

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