Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Death Stare

I've seen British soccer fans square off against each other outside a pub.

I've been stared down by a Kentucky fan in a Walmart parking lot for wearing a Duke tee shirt.

I've seen Serbs and Muslims in Bosnia get ready to restart their civil war over right of way on a mountain road.

I've even heard tell of a certain librarian that can kill a man at 10 yards just by looking at him.

But you've never seen a look of wrath like the one I got when I disturbed 8 toddlers during naptime when I picked BooBoo up this afternoon to take him to a doctor appointment.  If those kids had had their way, I would have burst into flame and melted into the floor.


Christina LMT said...

Heh. I was more likely to get the deathstare for trying to make my toddlers take naps!

Now I have a hard time getting Silver to get up in the morning. LOL!

Shannon said...

Oh yes...I remember it well - waking toddlers mid-nap is DEFINITELY grounds for spontaneous human combustion...either that, or a healthy supply of cookies and apple juice!!

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