Tuesday, May 25, 2010

And now your WTF moment for the day

A high school teacher in Georgia has the balls to seem surprised that someone might be offended when she walked several students dressed as members of the KKK through the school cafeteria. 

OK, they were doing it for a history class, and like it or not, the Klan is a part of history, especially in the deep South.  So I have no problem with students studying the group and its impact on the South. 

But to let them dress up and walk around the school wearing sheets and hoods takes either a huge amount of arrogance or an enormous amount of stupidity.

What's next?  Having some students dress up in brown shirts and others wear the Star of David when you study World War II and the Holocaust?

Maybe the clean cut kids could dress up in Red Army uniforms and escort the hippie kids to a specially made "gulag" behind the gym.

Or perhaps this twit could have her cranium removed from her nether regions long enough to be handed her disciplinary paperwork and then reassigned to teaching somewhere else.  Better yet, put her in charge of making sure there are no cigarette butts under the bleachers on the football field for every high school in the county.  Once she's got that accomplished, there are a few grease traps in the cafeterias that need her highly educated attention.

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