Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My son, the shaggy dog

Last night, as Junior Bear and I sat through briefings on the process of getting into his chosen university, I noticed that he is beginning to look like something out of the early '90's grunge movement.  Scraggly hair, chin beard, tee shirt worn under an old button down shirt, unbuttoned of course.

I mentioned to him that he needed to shave and get a haircut.  I was informed that he was saving his money for something else and he might get to it in a month or so.  I considered doing it for him in the parking lot with my pocketknife, but after counting to 10 in about 3 different languages, I started seeing in color again and let it go.

When I saw this tonight, I thought it fit my reaction last night:

Thanks much to Chad Carpenter at Tundra for all the great laughs.

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