Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Losing my widebody status

Went to the doctor the other day for my regular arthritis treatment.  Since the amount of medicine they give me is calculated based on my weight, they weigh me every time.  Last year, I had a spike in my weight, and all of my health care professionals were clucking at me over it.  And I wasn't skinny prior to that.  So I was quite large, the heaviest I've ever been.

Since last fall, I've cut a bit of the junk out of my diet, mostly by not eating out as much. 

In November, I was 15 pounds down from my peak weight.  My doctors were happy about that, but cautioned me to expect to gain some of that back over the holidays. I missed my December treatment for a variety of reasons, so this was my first weigh in since November.  Imagine my surprise when I was down another 5 pounds.

I'm 20 pounds down from my peak weight!  I may actually start doing something to bring it down, like getting off of my butt and exercising. 

1 comment:

Julie said...

well done on the loss! and for getting rid of the junk out of your diet.

Yer, totally understand about the need to get off the butt ... i'm trying toooooo

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