Thursday, January 21, 2010

Infidelity in the News

Noted sleazeball and former presidential hopeful John Edwards finally confirmed what everyone pretty much knew today when he announced that he was the baby daddy.  File this one under "No Kidding".  Let's see, you were porking your videographer while running for president and your wife was sick with terminal cancer.  Then, when said strumpet gave birth to a child that looks remarkably like you, you admitted the affair but denied the child.  Instead you had a friend take the fall and say he was the father.  Even if you weren't a personal injury lawyer, this would get you that scholarship to Hell you've been hoping for.

Tiger Woods is apparently at a center in Mississippi for rehab for an addiction to sex.  Funny, I thought sex was one of those things that everyone craved.  Kinda why we continue to have kids.  How can you be addicted to something that is part of your survival instinct.  But maybe Tiger is being taught how not to have sex with women other than his wife.  Wonder how that works.  Do you sit in a room and talk about how you shouldn't bone other women?  Maybe, but I envision Mr. Woods strapped to a chair while a large man with a vaguely Eastern European accent kicks him in the crotch while screaming "Don't bone other women! Don't bone other women!".  Kind of a negative reinforcement kind of thing.

I just don't see how this is an addiction thing.  I think it's more of an "I'm rich and famous, and no-one has the right to expect me to act like a real human being, so I think I'll sleep my way through the national ho directory" kind of thing.

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