Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dog bites man

In other news, the body politic is shocked, shocked I say, to find that over 20 Congresscritters spent our hard earned tax dollars to attend the failed Copenhagen conference.  And of course, Madam Speaker Pelosi (D - Xanadu) was one of them and won't offer an accounting of the money spent until all of the paperwork is in.  Which will probably be sometime during the 2015 to 2016 time frame.

This is nothing new.  When I was stationed in Germany, we always knew we would have congressional delegations come through just prior to Octoberfest.  And wouldn't you know, Mrs. Congresscritter would come along to see how the military families were holding up in our harsh Bavarian outpost.  And we were never surprised to learn how many congressional staffers would show up to watch a technology demonstration in the Mojave desert and have to fly in and out of Las Vegas, with a quick stay in Sin City to prepare for and recuperate from their trip to the desert wastes.

What strikes me about this one is the scale and absolute arrogance of those who went along.  And this one isn't on one particular party.  Both parties were dirty on this one.

Look, politicians have been taking advantage of their positions since the first cave people decided that Og the Magnificent could be the head of the hunters.  But in this day and age, they should know better than to think it will happen without someone noticing and raising a stink.  One would think that a sense of shame would stop them from doing something this stupid.  But then again, that would presuppose the existence of a sense of shame and duty.

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