Thursday, October 15, 2009

What's the big deal?

I recently watched the new BattleStar Galactica series. A friend of mine had the first 3 seasons on DVD and allowed me to watch them, and I watched the rest through Netflix.

Overall, I'd give the series an A. It was engrossing, interesting, and fun to watch. Yes, it got a bit melodramatic at times, but it didn't make up for that with a lot of gratuitous explosions and such.

I was told when I started watching to be prepared to be disappointed in the end of the series.

I was actually happy with the way the series ended. Do I think it's plausible that 10's of thousands of people would give up all of their worldly possessions to live as subsistence farmers and gatherers after 4+ years locked in a tin can? I'd certainly go for it if the alternative was to live as a fugitive until I either starved to death or the ship quit working. That ending was better than a Gotterdammerung of a fight to the death with the Cylons.

Anyway, I enjoyed the series from start to finish. I've put "Caprica", the pilot for the prequel series in my Netflix queue, and "The Plan", which comes out later this month, is supposed to explain the series from the standpoint of the Cylons. I'll see if these other two are worth the watching.

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