Thursday, October 1, 2009

The President Schilling for Chicago

OK, you all should know how I feel about the Olympics.

I won't bore you by re-hashing what a waste of time, money, and effort they are.

I have another problem now: The President of the United States is in a foreign country, on the taxpayer dime, campaigning for his home town to get the 2016 Olympics.

I've read the Constitution several times, and I never saw anything that said it was the President's job to pressure international organizations to hold sporting events in his political backyard.

I'm pretty sure his job is to govern the country, make sure the laws are enforced, and to command the armed forces.

So now the prestige of his office, and through him the rest of the country, is riding on the decision of a wholly corrupt body. And he's making a fool of himself and the country by wasting time and money on this.

I hope that Chicago doesn't get it. I hope they don't even come close. Maybe then Obama will learn to stay in Washington and do the job he's getting paid to do.

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