Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nutball scaring an old lady

Some jackass is suing and frightening an 80 year old Holocaust survivor.

Mrs. Zisblatt lived through the death camps, and decided to write a book about her experiences in her twilight years. You know, so the rest of us might remember what happened and try to not let it happen again or something.

A jerk by the name of Erik Hunt has decided that an old woman telling her story of survival is libel against him and is suing her in federal court. I guess in his many years of study on the subject on the matter that he's crammed into his 25 years of life, he's come to the conclusion that the whole thing was a hoax and a lie.

This is the same crazy who beat up Elie Wiesel, another Holocaust survivor and a Nobel laureate. Apparently he's been let out for good behavior.

I've been to Dachau. I've seen the ovens, the barracks, the piles of human ashes. I've seen the documents from Auschwitz that detailed the humans who were killed like cattle. I've met survivors, and I've spoken to soldiers who liberated camps. The Holocaust happened.

If you don't believe in the Holocaust, then I guess you're entitled to your opinion. But don't expect the rest of the world to think you're worth the protein that has been wasted on your existence. Leave the old ladies alone.

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