Sunday, October 4, 2009

Football Picks - Week 4

OK, here we go. This week, I try to regain .500.

Detroit at Chicago - Da Bears
Seattle at Indi - Indi
Tennessee at Jacksonville - Tennessee
New York Giants at Kansas City - New York
Tampa Bay at Washington - Washington
Baltimore at New England - Baltimore. Tom Brady sucks
Oakland at Houston - Raiders, of course
Cinci at Cleveland - Cinci
Buffalo at Miami - Miami
New York Jets at New Orleans - J E T S Jets Jets Jets!
Dallas at Denver - Denver
Saint Louis at San Fransisco - San Fransisco
San Diego at Pittsburg - Pittsburg
Green Bay at Minnesota - Got to love this game. This is the matchup that I absolutely have to watch every year. I'm a fan of both teams, so this is a tough one. I'll go with the Vikings on this one, just because they're the home team. I think the teams are pretty even at the moment. It all depends on whether or not Favre can keep up.

So, any predictions on how I'll do this week?

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