Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Sad Day to be Norwegian

OK, my ancestors conquered Britain, forced the king of France to give away almost half of their country, and settled lands as far west as Canada. My grandfather left a hard life in Norway to come to an even harder life in North Dakota.

Scandinavians are known to be practical, hard-nosed individuals. I certainly work to be that person.

Then why did a group of Norwegians award the Nobel Peace Prize to Barak Obama?

OK, he's a historical figure. He's the president, for one. He's also the first "minority" president.

But other than that, what has he done?

He's failed to get just about any major legislative initiatives through Congress. He's wasted his time trying to get Chicago a nod for host of the 2016 Olympics.

He hasn't done anything remarkable in the foreign policy realm. Heck, at least Clinton had the Dayton Accords to point at.

Now, if he does something remarkable over the rest of his term, I'll be the first one to applaud when he gets it. I'm not saying that he shouldn't ever get this honor, but he hasn't earned it.

If they're using this major award to encourage him to do good, then maybe they need to look at the charter for the award. It's not for what you might do, it's for what you have done.

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