Sunday, October 11, 2009

Plans Made, Plans Changed

Here's how I expected my weekend to go:

Friday - Go to Fort Knox at lunch to sign out an area for the weekend. Spend the evening getting me and Girlie Bear ready for our weekend bow hunt at Fort Knox

Saturday - Get up early, head down to Radcliff, and spend the day bow hunting with Girlie Bear. Maybe knock off early and take the family to the Louisville Zoo for their Halloween party.

Sunday - Hunt in the morning and early afternoon. Spend the early evening dialed in to support some network testing. Watch football that was recorded earlier that day.

Here's how it went:

Thursday - Junior Bear has a very severe teenager meltdown. Up until the wee hours of the morning dealing with that

Friday - Have to take the day off work to deal with the aftermath of Thursday evening. Do not go to Fort Knox, do not collect $200. When I drop Baby Bear off at day care, the !@#$!@!@#$! van won't start, again.

Saturday - Can't go hunting because it would be irresponsible to be out of contact for 12 hours when the family is having a dramatic episode. Spend the day doing house work and playing with Girlie Bear and Baby Bear. Take Girlie Bear out for a treat to try to make up a little for not going hunting. Go to dinner at a friend's house instead of the zoo.

Sunday - Go grocery shopping because Old Mother Hubbard had moved into our kitchen. Take myself up to the day care center and fix the van. It wasn't Chrysler's fault. When I "fixed" it last weekend, I had put the bolts that hold the starter on the block improperly, and the starter was coming off of the block when I tried to start it. That only took about 2 hours to diagnose and other hour to fix. Luckily, I didn't ruin either the flywheel or the starter. Watched a little football, then dialed in to support that network testing. After the baby went to bed, played Yahtzee and drank Mexican Coca-Cola with Girlie Bear and Irish Woman. We lit the first fire of the year, and it's a good relaxing way to end the weekend.

So, even though my plans for the weekend were totally dashed before the weekend even got started, it's been OK. Got a lot done, still spent time with Girlie Bear, and I even got to watch some football.

We'll go to the zoo next weekend. Hopefully the weather will be nice.

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