Monday, September 1, 2008

Minneapolis Mayhem

I love Minneapolis and Minnesota in general. I grew up for the most part in North Dakota, and would go camping and fishing in Minnesota often. My grandparents lived in southwestern Minnesota, and Junior Bear's mom is from Minneapolis. I have never met anyone from Minnesota that I didn't like, and Minneapolis/Saint Paul is one of the cleanest, nicest cities I've ever been lucky enough to see.

That's why I'm sad to see that some morons have chosen to act like asshats in Minneapolis to protest the war in the Middle East.

Here's the deal people: trying to set fires, breaking windows, and throwing caustic chemicals at people isn't going to get anyone to take a serious look at your side of an argument. Especially in Minnesota, where as one of my favorite comedians puts it, the introverts stare at their shoes and the extroverts stare at your shoes. What it will get is middle America not even blinking when you're arrested and put into a small cell for disturbing the peace or whatever.

That being said, the groups who held a peaceful march to the state capitol were doing things exactly in the way that gets my attention and gains my respect, even if I don't agree with them. It worked for Martin Luther King, and it can work for them.

Come on guys, you've all gotten some form of education, try to act smarter than this. Put away the black clothes and the matches and start learning to express yourself without destroying something or hurting someone.

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