Monday, September 1, 2008

Fellow Horndogs, we have a VP candidate

I was pleasantly surprised on Friday to learn that Senator McCain chose someone unexpected for his running mate. I was expecting either Romney or Pawlenty.

Instead, Johnny Mac picked a pretty, vivacious, anti-abortion, pro-gun 44 year old mother of 5. Sarah Heath Palin may not be the most experienced VP candidate we've ever had, but she is surely the prettiest.

I'm impressed with her because she's a real person. She's held down actual jobs. She's worked in really bad conditions, even to the point of being injured on a fishing boat. She's worried about how she's going to pay for her kids' education. She's a relatively clean politician, and isn't afraid to stand up to an entrenched party hierarchy.

She's got executive experience, even if only for a few years. She's had to do a budget and work with legislators to get laws through.

Of course, there will be the occasional bone in her closet, but for the most part I'm not afraid of anything I've heard so far. I've heard about the state trooper she wanted fired and the politician she fired for not firing the state trooper. I've heard about the state commission she sacked en masse and replaced. I've heard about the DUI her husband had in the 80's. And of course I've heard about how her oldest daughter is pregnant.

None of this diminishes her as a great candidate in my eyes.

If McCain didn't have my vote before, he has it now.

All of this hoopla about Mrs. Palin brought something to my mind. Is it just me, or do the Republicans almost have the market on beautiful women in politics cornered? John McCain is married to a beautiful blonde heiress. Sarah Palin is a former runner up for Miss Alaska. And Fred Thomson is married to a serious hottie that's half his age.

Of course, Dennis Kucinich has his own hottie at home, but that's the only one that comes to my mind.

In closing, remember, only you and your vote will put this beautiful woman a heartbeat away from the White House.

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