Monday, September 22, 2008

My Weekend

Well, this weekend was a toss-up.

Woke up Saturday morning, and felt like dirt warmed over. The Irish Woman "convinced" me to go to the doctor. $15 for the doctor and $75 for the anti-biotics and antihystamines later, I went back to bed and slept through most of the rest of the day.

Had to drive through the Ryder Cup traffic to get to the doctor. Must send a thank you card to the city fathers for the crowd in my front yard.

Sunday was a better day. Woke up too late to go to church, but did go to Knob Creek in the afternoon. The muzzleloader still put 3 rounds in a 10 inch circle at 100 yards, but I had a hell of a time with the Mosin. I had to aim at the dirt three feet in front of the target in order to graze the top. If I aimed center mass, I was hitting the hill behind the target.

When I got home and cleaned the Mosin, I figured out why. I recently removed the LER scope and mount that I had on it and returned to iron sites. I put the leaf spring on the rear site in upside down, and that was forcing the rear site up about an inch too high. High rear site forced a much higher than expected point of impact. I corrected the error and the site looks like it's supposed to. Should have caught that when I put it in the first time.

Got to spend some time with Junior Bear and Baby Bear. Also caught the first quarter of the Dallas/Green Bay game.

Overall, the weekend was a wash. Lost most of Saturday to either the doctor's office or sleep, but had a pretty good Sunday.

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