Friday, August 29, 2008

Drunk Driving

OK, I'm chiming in on drunk driving, even though every other TV and radio commercial is warning you about it.

I've always thought drunk driving was about as stupid a thing as you could do. Driving under the influence of anything is not a mistake, it's an overt effort to take a large piece of metal, glass, and plastic and run it at high speeds under less than optimal control on the same roads that my family and friends are on.

I lost two friends to drunk driving when I was in language school in Monterey. They had been down at the beach in Carmel partying on a Saturday, and when the party broke up they decided to try to get back to the Presidio rather than just crashing on the beach. One drunk was driving, two drunks were passed out in the back seat. The moron who was driving missed a turn on highway 68, and ended up rolling over down a hill until a tree stopped the car. The two in the back were ejected and died on the scene.

The driver ended up with a court martial. My two friends, Jenny and Greg, ended up with a flag folded for their mothers and a headstone. Greg and I had gone through basic training together, and he and Jenny started dating when they were taking Arabic in the same class.

Please, if you're out this weekend, have someone sober to drive you. I need every friend I have, and I can't stand the thought of losing anyone.

Check out this link for another good read on drunk driving:

Have a good and safe Labor Day weekend.

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