Friday, August 15, 2008

Goin' Huntin'

Sent in my application for the Fort Knox hunt this morning. Two of my friends and I go out every year for a weekend in the woods. This is a draw hunt, so it's in addition to the normal hunting seasons.

I love going out to Fort Knox to hunt because it's some of the prettiest land in the area. The areas we've been assigned to are basically woods and hills that haven't been disturbed in any meaningful manner since the 1940's. We're talking oaks as tall as 5 story building, gently rolling hills, and clear cold streams.

So far, I haven't gotten a deer out there. I know they're in the area, because we see their bedding down areas and tracks, but no luck so far. Lots of other critters show their faces. We've encountered foxes, a coyote or two, and squirrels the size of small dogs.

Mostly, I go out to get away from the noise. It's always perfectly quiet in our area. No traffic, no phones, nothing.

So, here's hoping we get drawn for the hunt. We normally get drawn to go in late November or early December, so it's kinda frosty.

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