Monday, August 11, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Went pretty much non-stop this weekend. Junior Bear was downtown at a comics/science fiction gathering at the main branch of the library on Saturday. Irish Woman and I took Baby Bear back out to Gallreins and the farmer's market. More corn was acquired, processed, and put up.

Did the normal weekend house cleaning while Irish Woman did the lawn and worked on the smaller pond again. The leak she patched was apparently not the only one, so she decided to put down another entire liner.

Sunday was spent doing more house work and going to the movies. Girlie Bear was with her mom this weekend, and I retrieved her last night only to find that she had a bruised/squashed toe on her foot. I splinted it against her big toe last night, and we'll be going to the doctor this afternoon to find out how bad it really is. I suspect it's just a bad bruising, but want to be sure nothing's actually broken.

I got broadheads for hunting the other week, so I think I might try them out tonight or tomorrow night. Got to get zeroed in with them. Only 3 weeks to bowhunting season!

And of course, I watched my fair share of football.

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