Friday, October 7, 2011

Thoughts on the Day

  • Jails do not have freely available telephones so that you can call your mama on her birthday while incarcerated.  Someone is always listening.
  • Hanging out with people who swim in excrement will tend to get you splashed at the most inopportune moments.
  • The time for crying at the defendant's table and showing remorse is not after you've been convicted.
  • Book list for jury duty - Hard MagicDead SixThe Hobbit, and half of King Leopold's Ghost
  • Reading about the Belgian Congo while waiting for jury selection does not do much for your faith in humanity.
  • Bourbon chicken goes very well with bourbon and coke.
  • Siamese cats crave bourbon chicken.  Bourbon and coke, well, not so much.
  • Kentucky sure is a nice place to live in October.
  • Highway Patrol Math - Two cars in a wreck times one car of a witness equals six cruisers, one ambulance, three wreckers, and two blocked lanes of traffic.
  • When water coloring a picture with a 3 year old, the goal seems to be to make the water as chromatic as the painting.
  • Didn't get chosen for the fish and wildlife department quota hunts this year.  Better luck next year.  Still waiting on word about the Fort Knox hunt.  
  • Boo has discovered Lincoln Logs. Time for me to relive a part of my childhood.


PISSED said...

Lincoln logs, Tinker Toys, Erector Sets, Hot Wheels, HO Trains, slot cars, model rockets, baseball cards in the spokes, 2 x 4's nailed together with some wagon wheels to roll down the hill, bb guns, out till the street lights came on, hide and seek, releivio, street hockey... first kiss....

Jeez I might have to go make a post about the good old days of yore :) Thanks DB!

On a Wing and a Whim said...

Watch out underfoot, or you'll discover the ankle-twisting lincon-log booby traps that an inattentive young child can leave for adults to find in the pre-coffee or the dark...

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