Saturday, October 8, 2011

By Your Waste Shall Ye Be Known

A park in New York that has been used as a central area for anti-corporate protests has become a health problem.  Normal cleaning and trash pick-up has been disrupted by the protesters, so the trash and other debris they leave behind have made it into an eyesore and health hazard. Apparently, using police cars as toilets is now a form of expression and protest.

This isn't the first time that the refuse left behind by a group of leftist protesters has been a problem. Look at the mess that the John Stewart rally left behind in Washington DC, then contrast it with what was left behind after the large Tea Party rallies in 2009.

Leftist protests are mostly manned by either young college age twits who have never had to pay for their own food or by aging hippies who should know better by now.  Tea Party rallies are attended by a wide range of backgrounds and ages, but all of them seem to know about personal responsibility and respect. This can all be seen in how the two groups leave their respective areas when they're done.

Someone needs to tell the "Occupy Something" crowd that when the veil of media cover is lifted, the uglier their leavings are, the less those of us who hold down a job and don't put our hands out will listen to whatever it is they're ranting about.

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