Wednesday, October 12, 2011

News Roundup

  • From the "Anyone Can Sue Anyone" Department - A woman in Texas is suing three airlines for a flight that had bad turbulence.  She claims that she feared for her life and is traumatized.  Does this mean I can sue every helicopter and C-130 pilot who tried his 'nap of the earth' flying while I was on board?  Nothing says 'rough ride' like a UH-1 being smacked on the undercarriage by the tops of trees.
  • From the "15 Months to Go"  Department - First Lady Obama says that she sneaks away from the White House as often as she can, which she asserts gives her a bit of normalcy.  Yeah, normal like every woman has when she's driven in armored SUV's, surrounded by security, and photographed by paid journalists.  I hope Mrs. Obama enjoys her excursions, because she will probably be getting a lot of chances after January 2013.
  •  From the "Cameron's Dad's Car" Department - A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit against the government.  It appears that an FBI agent was taking a Ferrari that was being held as evidence out for a spin and totalled it.  The judge says that the government can't be held responsible for damage to things being held by law enforcement.  The image I have is two guys giving the Ferrari a workout on the streets of Lexington while "Born to be Wild" plays through the sound system.  
  • From the "Here We Go" Department - Police in Germany have found three incendiary devices on rail tracks, one of which exploded and did damage.  A leftist group has claimed responsibility and is demanding that accused WikiLeaks spy Bradley Manning be released.  Hopefully these guys are caught before anyone gets hurt.  Personally, I'm hoping that the law of averages and their own stupidity turns them into a headline when a bomb explodes as they're assembling it.
  • From the "Cell, Inmate, Some Assembly Required" Department - The Nigerian man who tried to blow up an airliner with explosives hidden in his underwear has pled guilty to 8 counts related to the incident.  He's facing life in prison, and I hope it's spent in a place built before the theory of rehabilitation being superior to punishment was put into practice.  His little escapade is the rationale for wide use of pervo-tron scanners and 'enhanced' pat-downs.

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