Monday, October 17, 2011

1000 Days

Today is the 1000th day of the Obama administration.  So far, here's what I think he's accomplished:
  • $4 trillion in additional government debt
  • 9+% unemployment, for a given definition of 'unemployed'
  • 22+% unemployment, for other definitions of 'unemployed'
  • 3.8% inflation, for a given definition of 'inflation'
  • 12+% inflation, for other definitions of 'inflation'
  • Continued involvement in two wars he promised to end
  • Involvement in other wars in which we don't have a pressing national interest
  • The government has run up against spending deadlines because the President and his compatriots in the Congress can't be bothered to come up with a budget that can pass both Houses and get signed.
  • They did, however, pass a probably unconstitutional health-care 'reform' bill that will probably drive the health care industry into the ground.
  •  He and his Attorney General probably broke the law so that they could flood northern Mexico with guns, giving the administration an excuse to get gun control back on the agenda.
  • On the bright side, he's improved his golf game through frequent, diligent practice
  • Also on the bright side, he and his family have been able to see the world.  Of course, you and I paid for their trips to Hawaii for the holidays, shopping sprees in Europe, and African safaris.
Here's hoping there isn't another 1000 days.

1 comment:

WS4E said...

This post is missing something... each item needs to have:

"...and counting".

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