Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hillary Clinton going through confirmation hearings

Senator Hillary Clinton, with her buck toothed spawn looking on from the gallery, underwent some gentle questioning by a clearly cowed Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Heck, I wouldn't push her. She might flip out and go all Carrie on you and the other members of the committee.

She has promised to use her new position of Secretary of State for good, using something called "smart power".

Here are some examples of what I think of when I imagine Mrs. Clinton using "smart power"

  • Heads of foreign leaders exploding after a few moments of agony as Clinton stares at them blankly.
  • American ambassadors and diplomats who fail to advance Mrs. Clinton as the future Empress of Earth are killed as she holds out her hand and intones "You have failed me for the last time".
  • United Nations meetings breaking up in a panic as Hillary levitates above the desk, intoning a curse in the language of Mordor.
  • The customary kiss on each cheek and handshake upon her arrival at a foreign airport will be replaced by her ordering the local potentate to "Kneel before Zod".
  • Will teach the crowds in the Middle East who chant "Death to America" to instead chant "4 legs good, 2 legs better"

What do y'all think?


Anonymous said...

I'm more worried of what will happen when Billy-boy gets his hands on the interns at the State Department. The two of them are pretty much sharing the same brain cell and I really don't want to see more cigar filled scandals.

little bro (knuckle-dragger in training)

DaddyBear said...

I wouldn't worry about scandal from Mrs. Clinton. As much as I disagree with her on issues, and I have little respect for her "power at any price" brand of politics, she's not stupid.

I've always thought she was the brains of the couple, while her husband was the people person. She's the one with the ambition, and he was the one to get to the top. His presidency was a way for her to get in the spotlight, but she's always been pushing to get her own licks in.

While I'm not sure she'll be a successful Secretary of State, she'll run a tight ship. If she's smart, she'll keep Bill out of the limelight as much as possible.

Anonymous said...

Billy can't help but insert himself (pun not intended) into the limelight. He can't stand to be in the background. He put himself up front during the primaries and got things all screwy. He couldn't bear the idea of her making it. Even through the my brain fog that the VA has me in continuously, I could see the jealousy that was oozing oiut of him. They are both power hungry, he's just the opne that can't be controled and she is the ice queen...

Either way the country is on tyhe cusp of a disaster and this "economic" downturn is going to out last this presidential term.

the knuckle-dragger

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