Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Draftee still on active duty after 37 years

When an old soldier meets a young soldier in the Army, occasionally he will ask the young trooper his age. A wise ass old NCO may say "Heck, I've got boots older than you!". It's a light hearted ribbing to show just how ancient the NCO is in comparison to the young pup.

This man (H/T to The Best Defense) most certainly has boots that are older than me.

CSM Mellinger went through basic training and jump school while I was still learning to walk and talk. He's jumped out of a military aircraft more times than I've been on a commercial airliner.

After 37 years on active duty, he's got to be close to retirement. If he truly is the last draftee, a whole generation that remembers compulsory service will be gone.

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