Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Good luck, Mister President

Well, Obama is president now. For the next few years, for good or ill, he will be the head of our government. He will set the agenda for our country, and will ultimately be held responsible for the direction our country goes under his watch.

Even though I don't agree with him politically, I wish him well. I have no wish for the country to suffer so that someone I don't agree with can fail. You will rarely, if ever see personal attacks against President Obama from me, although the occasional bit of snark will seep through. It won't be personal, it'll be a joke.

However, when he or his minions mess up, and they will, I will comment on it. When they do well, I will also comment on it.

Hopefully, President Obama will be smart enough to not mess with success in those parts of the government that are working well. And when he chooses to change things, he won't through the baby out with the bath water, and will be smart enough to recognize when his changes either don't work, or do more harm than good due to unforeseen consequences.

So good luck, Mr. President. While I'm sure there will be plenty for me to joke and complain about during your administration, please don't bother yourself to create opportunities for me on purpose.

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