Thursday, December 31, 2009

Update on Predictions

Back in January, I made some predictions.  Here's how they turned out:

1.  The price of oil would go up significantly.   Kind of.  The price is up from the low it got to last year, but it didn't raise as much as I thought it would.

2.  The economy will continue to drop.  Spot on.  The economists say the recession is over, but I'm still seeing a lot of folks looking for a job.

3.  The housing market will bottom out.  Got this one right, I hope.  Prices are stabilizing.  I hope this is the bottom instead of a plateau before plunging again.

4.  One of the Detroit Big 3 will go out of business.  Well, sort of got this one.  Chrysler and GM are working on making it back, and GM is selling off most of their subsidiaries.  But they're still independent companies.  Ford seems to be doing well.

5.  A major disaster will occur and President Obama will not react well.  Not even close.  No big disasters this year, which is a good thing.

6.  Iran will get the bomb.  Not yet, but they're getting closer.

7.  US casualties in Iraq will decline and those in Afghanistan will increase.  Spot on.

8.  Obama will have dwindling approval ratings.  Yep, got that one.

9.  The Republicans will work to make themselves more electable at the expense of their credibility as conservatives.  I'll take the hit on this one.  They're making themselves more electable, but President Obama is helping them stay on the right of center by pushing legislation and policies that are very left of center.

10.  The Republicans in Congress will have a hard time keeping President Obama from getting everything he wishes for.  Correct, but with a caveat.  The legislation that Obama and the Democrat leadership have put forward is so polarizing it's making it easy for Republicans to get unity in their opposition, and making it hard for the Democrats to keep their conservative brethren in line.

11.  UK will beat UL.  Wrong, but the rivalry continues.

So, I got a few right, and a few wrong.  I'll have my 2010 predictions up in a few days.

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