Monday, December 28, 2009

Breaking a policy

I admit it, I read "I Can Has Cheezburger".  Yes, it's childish, but it gives me a chuckle.

However, I have a policy of not posting the pictures.  But I have to break my policy today:

I probably find it funny for two reasons. First, I recently had a baby in the house with 3 cats, and this is one of the ways they would react if the baby was crying.  After a few minutes of trying to continue their lives with BooBoo crying, they'd all make their way to wherever Irish Woman and I happened to be and add their meows and nips to the noise.  Kind of their way of telling us that the baby needed us and to make it stop.  As he got older, we were able to differentiate between his "I'm just squawling to hear my own voice" cries and the cries for actual problems.  The cats, however, never did.  It was kind of entertaining to watch Koshka go into spasms trying to get us to go take care of BooBoo when he was just crying because he was tired but not yet ready to go to sleep.

Second, it's funny because my friend just brought home twin boys, and I'm sure this scene is being played out at his house over and over again.  As much as I love my kids, I think the Lord every time they get in trouble or are being uber-kids that they weren't twins.

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