Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Picks, Week 13

New York Jets at Buffalo - Jets
Saint Louis at Chicago - Da Bears
Denver at Kansas City - Denver, but look for this to be an ugly game.  I've never seen a clean game when these two play, especially at Arrowhead Stadium.
Tennessee at Indy - Indy, but Tennessee is on a roll.  This one is going to be close.
Philadelphia at Atlanta - Atlanta
New England at Miami - After getting their heads handed to them by New Orleans, I hope New England gets finished off by Miami.  Miami will win this one.
New Orleans at Washington - Redskins.  But the team is pushing my loyalty a bit far.  Time for a big upset to get them rev'ed back up.
Oakland at Pittsburgh - Oakland.  Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.
Tampa Bay at Carolina - Carolina
Houston at Jacksonville - Houston
Detroit at Cinci - Cinci
Dallas at New York Giants - Giants
San Fransisco at Seattle - Seattle
Minnesota at Arizona - Minnesota.  Now is the time where Favre can prove that all the hoopla is worth it.  The season is 3/4 over, and he's got to be getting tired and a bit banged up.  Can he gut the season out and continue to perform?
Baltimore at Green Bay - Green Bay. 

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