Friday, May 22, 2009

What did she know, and when did she know it?

Well, Nancy Pelosi, AKA The Joker, has officially accused the CIA of misleading her when they briefed her about interrogation techniques. She is refusing to discuss it with the American people via the press, and will only give statements re-asserting her accusation, but will not answer questions about the matter.

The CIA denies this, and asserts that the Congresswoman from Babylon on the Bay was told about these techniques and how they were being used.

Obviously, someone is being less than truthful.

I have given this some thought as it has played out in the press, but I couldn't articulate it very well.

Then I listened to the latest episode of Dan Carlin's excellent Common Sense podcast this morning.

Mr. Carlin definitely gelled my feelings on this issue, and I agree with him that an independent investigation needs to happen.

If the CIA lied to the Speaker, then someone needs to go to jail. If Mrs. Pelosi is lying now, then that needs to come out in the open, and her career needs to be impacted by her actions.

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