Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Didn't think I'd hear that on the 6 o'clock news

Was listening to the 6 o'clock news while I got dinner together tonight, and a report came on as a teaser for an investigative report they debuted last night. It deals with an X rated theater and book store in Indiana. Apparently, the local NBC affiliate sent in a hidden camera to catch people doing things that were against the law. Then one of the reporters cornered local law enforcement and politicians as to why they didn't shut the place down.

That's all good. I wouldn't have talked about it during the dinner hour, but hey, freedom of the press and all that.

But I didn't need nor did I expect to hear the term "glory hole" spoken on the TV tonight. Especially since Girlie Bear was in the living room typing something up on the computer.

Had to play the old "I'll tell you when you're older" card.

Got to love it.


Anonymous said...

All I say for the times we live in is: lets get a shot and a beer. The rest will take care of itself.
We have been having alot worse on our late night news broadcasts. Tonight the ABC station (it has a 9 pm show on another channel) the had an expose on how there is an "immense" increase in fist fights on the MUNI busses and trains and that the police arn't doing enough to help with the problem. They kept looping a grainy computer cam recording of 2 individduals having a fist fight all the while a low level reporter is reading off her notes about the "epidemic" and that there are call for the city of San Francisco have an officer on each bus or train to "deter" the horrible violence. The city is broke and the state is about to be bankrupt because everytime there is a problem here the local governments think that the state should fix the issue and pay for the solution instead of looking for a local solution that involves the community and is cost efdfective. Well, the news story finally begins to come to an end and I think I counted arouond 37 bleeps from the footage when they finally show an officer boarding the bus and taking down the two "alleged assaulting each other which I later found out were 2 homeless men fighting over a seat. They were on the bus to find shelter fron the heavy rain storm that hit the Bay Area that day. Of couse there so many different and in my opinion, more important stories that they could spend time on. Such as the the before mentioned state wide budget issues cause many state employees to be laid off or take a substantial pay cut.
Gotta love the land of fruits, nuts and Hollywood.

Knuckle Dragger

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the all the grammar issues...too many beers and a shot tonight along with the phamacy of pills the VA Docs think I need to stay alive (if you can call this living)

your brother

Knuckle Dragger

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