Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Washington DC Day 2 and 3

Sorry I didn't get this out sooner. I was just plumb exhausted on Sunday night, and it's been crazy since Monday morning.

Sunday we went to the American History museum, and it was awesome. Girlie Bear and her friends really enjoyed going through the military history display. We were in there for almost 2 hours. They also spent a lot of time in the Abraham Lincoln exhibit. Of course we went to see the original Star Spangled Banner. The Smithsonian just finished a renovation of both the museum and the flag, and both were worth the expense and time. The museum was able to grab and hold the attention of 10 year old girls for hours on end, and we could have spent all weekend at that museum alone.

We went to the National Archives on Sunday afternoon to see the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. That was the one thing that Girlie Bear insisted that she had to do while we were in Washington. The security there was the tightest we had to go through, including the airport.

Sunday evening, the teachers took all of the kids to the ESPN Zone restaurant for a few hours to give the parents a break. Bless them. I've said it before: They aren't paid enough to put up with those animals. I had plans to stroll down to a book store to get something for the flight home, but I passed out for 3 hours on my bed until it was time to retrieve Girlie Bear. Apparently a fun time was had by all.

Monday was our last day. We spent the morning and part of the afternoon at the Air and Space museum. Again, it was wonderful. The kids really enjoyed all of the interactive displays, and I got an appreciation for early aviation that I didn't have before. They even had a display of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, which took me back to my days at Fort Huachuca.

Our flight back was pretty uneventful. We got back to Louisville at about 9 PM on Monday, and were home and in bed by 10. I haven't slept that soundly in a long time.

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