Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Why does this no longer phase me?

The Kentucky State Auditor has found a whole bunch of bad spending lately.

First, they announce that the city of Louisville has mishandled millions of dollars, some of it federal grants that had to be spent or lost. Mayor for Life Abramson had to appear on the news, drenched in flopsweat, and tell us how he's just as surprised as anyone and how he's going to get this fixed.

Then today, it's announced that hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars have been used to pay for strip clubs, NASCAR driving lessons, guns, and video games by authorities at the Lexington airport.

Since I moved to Louisville, 2 of the 3 governors of Kentucky have either been disgraced, or indicted, or both.

I'm no longer even surprised when some politician in Kentucky gets caught with his pants down or her pockets lined with dirty cash. I'm of the opinion that we need to start importing our politicians from Chicago in order to clean things up a little bit.

Signs that your politicians are dirty:

1. Her boob size is a larger number than her IQ, but she started out flat as an ironing board.
2. His new SUV costs more than the addition to your local school.
3. All of a sudden, her mama is debt free.
4. He has more 5 punches on his loyalty card with the local Gulfstream dealership.
5. That local school addition cost $2 million, but it's principal components are used FEMA trailers and new sidewalks.

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