Sunday, February 1, 2009

Weekend so far

The ice on our trees has all melted or fallen off. No major damage to our trees, but some of our neighbors lost big limbs or whole trees.

Little Bear came over yesterday, and he had a good time with the other cubs. All three of the older kids went out and played in the snow.

Louisville is slowly getting back to normal. I've been hunting for a replacement snow shovel, but no luck. Our snow shovel broke while Junior was out shoveling the driveway. A wood bee had tunneled down through the length of the handle, and it broke when he tried to pick up a load of snow. I've scoured the area, but no snow or grain shovels are available.

Not sure if the schools will be open tomorrow. I certainly hope so. Our bosses have been really cool about us working from home, but I don't want to push it.
Here's a pic from our back window. Really pretty, but you could hear the trees breaking from hundreds of yards away.

Update: School still out in Louisville, but they expect to hold classes on Tuesday.

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