Sunday, February 15, 2009

Exactly how stupid do you have to be

to vote for Dianne Feinstein? This ignorant wench should be dipped in honey and left for the bears.

This week, she decided to let slip that American Predator drones may be based in Pakistan. Remember these are the aircraft that are being used to strike targets inside Pakistan.

True or not, it's caused quite an uproar with our semi-ally Pakistan. We're trying to prop up that government because it's better than the alternative. We may or may not be basing aircraft in the country that we are using to strike at targets in Pakistan. And of course, these airstrikes are very unpopular in Pakistan.

So of course, you announce your belief that we're hitting Pakistan with aircraft based in Pakistan during an open session of your congressional committee. And then you seem shocked that Pakistan and its populace might have a problem with this.

Nothing like throwing a hand grenade in a hen house. Especially if you're a twit from the Bay Area who should have been strangled at birth in order to save us all this trouble.

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