Friday, February 20, 2009

What exactly is wrong with people?

Everyone is familiar with the horrific case of a pet chimpanzee attacking a woman and horribly injuring her. Reports are coming out now that the chimp had bitten at least one person before, and now people are asking how this could have happened.

Hello? A wild animal bit someone, noone did much of anything about it, and now another human being has been horribly maimed. And the people in the area have the absolute nerve to act surprised?!?!?!?!

The lady who owned the chimp basically treated it like a child. She cooked steak for it, gave it wine in a stemmed glass. She bathed with it and cuddled with it in bed. If that doesn't give you a whole body shiver, then you need to go talk to someone. She's been keeping a wild animal as a pet for a decade and a half, and noone has tried to get her into a psychiatric facility?

What exactly did she have to do before people stopped commenting on how cute the chimp was and sent in the nice men with the butterfly nets? Dress him up in a Star Trek costume and send him to the grocery store alone?

And now I read this. Some creep decided to rob a couple of Girl Scouts who were selling cookies outside a grocery store. This waste of good protoplasm waited until these children were done selling their wares for the night, then took $250 from them.

Another example of someone who should be locked in an overused porta-potty and left in the hot Arizona sun.

Ever notice that it's a stairway to heaven, but a highway to hell?

Seems to me these two just pulled into the passing lane on that highway.

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