Sunday, February 15, 2009

Goodness Gracious

Great Balls of Fire!

Residents of The Great State of Texas are reporting seeing burning debris falling from the sky, and possibly making it to the ground.

Consensus at the moment is that these lights in the sky are pieces of the two sattelites that collided earlier this month.

If pieces are making it to ground, how long is it until someone's house gets hit? And you thought tornado season in Texas was bad.

And you know that eventually the news will feature an interview with a local resident, who while being a wonderful person and an expert in his or her profession, isn't what we would call a great public speaker. The interview will come down to "I seen it, it come down over there in that there goat pen".

You ever notice they never ask the surgeon or lawyer what happened?

UPDATE: Opinion is now that the fireball was caused by a meteor. Still, I'm sure they didn't get the local judge to comment on it in front of the news camera.

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