Monday, October 18, 2010

The Range is Hot!

This is a bit late, but it's been crazy.

Last Saturday, Girlie Bear accompanied me to Knob Creek for their fall machine gun shoot.  We met a couple of people I work with, including my shooting buddy and his two kids.  This was the first time out for the young ones, so we got there early before the big crowd gathered.

After a very well done rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, a quick safety speech, and a pretty good invocation, the fun began. 

There were automatic weapons of every stripe on the range, from WWI M1917's to mini-guns.

One drawback this time was that there were no tracers, incendiaries, or explosives allowed.  With no rain for almost two months, they were worried about burning down half the county.  Not that it matter that much during the day shoot.  It was still AWESOME!

The highlight of the morning was the old cannon.  The kids loved to watch how it was loaded, then almost jumped out of their skins when it went off.
When Mr. Fuse is lit, Mr. Cannon is no longer our friend

After watching the first go-round, we wandered over to the gun show.  Like I said last time I went, if you can't find it at Knob Creek, it's probably not available.  My shooting buddy found the M1 Garand clips he's been needing, and we both found good condition Garand slings.  I also found someone selling P-38 can openers, which will be going into our BOB's and camping gear.  My other friend from work found the 25mm ammunition boxes he wanted.  If I had known he had found them, I probably would have snarfed up a couple myself

The kids bought a few doo-dads. Girlie Bear was a little put out when I told her that buying deactivated 20mm rounds to take to school to show her friends was not a good idea, and neither was the practice grenade, no matter how cool it looked.

She eventually got herself a tee shirt, and seemed happy with it.  Yes, she went all the way to Knob Creek, and all she got was a tee shirt.

Overall, it was a beautiful day.  By the time we left at about 11:30, the crowd was growing, but wasn't outrageous.  Of course, Knob Creek had everything running like clock work, as usual. 

Girlie Bear says she wants to go back, so I'm going to check this as a success.


bluesun said...

Man, leaving out all of the other "Schools these days" educational nonsense, schools these days are just plain l-a-m-e.

Julie said...

would love to join you out there one year .... glad to hear you & girlie bear had fun!

DaddyBear said...

Bluesun - I used to carry a pocketknife to school and use it when working with teachers. No-one ever batted an eye. Now, if a child draws a picture of a weapon, he's sent for counseling.

Julie- You all are welcome any time. If you come during the machine gun shoot, we'll go out and have fun. If you come any other time, we'll go out and SHOOT!

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