Tuesday, October 26, 2010

An Eventful Day

Well, it's been a heck of a day. To quote Paul Paulson, the wind blew and the crap flew but we're only here for a day or two.

On the drive to work this morning, the wind was blowing hard enough to push economy cars around like an air hockey puck. The walk to the building at work was also quite breezy.

About 10:30, the alarm sounded and we all trundled down to what we believed was the storm shelter. Looking back, it might be a good idea to confirm with engineering that the bathrooms all the way across the building are the storm shelter. In a real emergency we won't have 15 minutes to walk a block. As we waited for the storm and possible tornado to hit, we were entertained by the conga line of empty cargo containers gliding around on the roller floor. All of the large cargo doors were open, so the wind was able to push them around at will.

I had my radio with me, and the local AM station was transmitting constant updates. Apparently tornadoes either touched down or were close to the ground in several parts of the county.

The storm was pretty powerful as it passed over us, but it was moving very fast. Behind the fast moving gust front was heavy rain but very little wind.

We all trundled back upstairs and got back to work. Irish Woman and I were e-mailing back and forth on our phones and her work did pretty much the same thing as mine.

Our neighborhood lost power. Other than that we didn't take any damage. Overall Louisville seems to have dodged a bullet.

Many thanks to all of the first responders who were out in force to take care of business after the storm passed. The roads were clear by the time I went home this afternoon and our power is back on.

Hopefully this is fall breaking away from that extended Indian summer we've been having the past couple of months.

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