Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Early to Bed, Early to Rise, makes... Aw forget it

Got to bed a little late last night, and Irish Woman decided we needed to get up early today because I have a doctor's appointment this morning.  Apparently staying up late to play Lego Star Wars isn't a good excuse.   Hey, those droid troopers aren't going to lightsaber themselves!

Oh. Sweet. Cthulhu. I'm. Beat.  How did I get up at oh my god thirty every morning for 9 years when I was in the military? 

On the flip side, there is coffee, which has always been there for me.

I'm gonna go shotgun a mug or two.  Y'all have a good morning.


Julie said...

hope things go okay at the drs ... and yes, getting up in the morning would be harder if they "outlawed all drugs" ... reminds me to blog about a headline I saw earlier which said "Can you imagine a community without drugs?" - I think they thought it was a positive thing.

Old NFO said...

I found out just mainlining the coffee works better :-) Just sayin... Good luck at the Doc's!

KurtP said...

How did I get up at oh my god thirty every morning for 9 years when I was in the military?

You didn't know any better!

DaddyBear said...

The doctor went very well, thanks. I am now officially classified as a wide body, with official admonitions to find time to exercise and cut what crap remains out of my diet. Otherwise, I'm doing OK. BP is good, range of motion and pain levels are manageable,

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