Monday, February 22, 2010

No Kidding?

UPI is reporting that the Army may have overlooked warning signs over the butcher who shot up his fellow soldiers at Fort Hood in 2009 because they didn't want to lose the "diversity" of having a Muslim psychiatrist.

In other news, when water gets cold, it can get hard enough to walk on.

Anyone who is surprised by this should check themselves in for a check to see if their brain has come unplugged.

When I was in the Army, it was common for "minority" soldiers to skate on anything subjective, such as job performance, conduct, and even uniform wear.  Leaders who tried to correct them would be counseled about their "lack of sensitivity", and would learn very quickly that it was easier to find a way to shuffle them off to a place they wouldn't do any harm than to fight the current and get the soldier in question to actually do their job, or to stay out of trouble.

Interestingly enough, if a good leader who happened to be of the same "minority" happened to be in that soldier's chain of command, the standard would come up to at least what was expected of other soldiers.  A "minority" officer or NCO was insulated from being labeled "insensitive", and could demand performance.

Maybe if the chain of command for Nadal had given more of a damn about the good of the Army than having "diversity", those soldiers at Fort Hood wouldn't be in the hospital or the morgue right now.

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