Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Shut up, Coach

Irish Woman and I were watching the local news tonight, and of course they covered the press conference that University of Louisville's mens basketball coach held. Coach Pitino did his last conference about his infidelity scandal right. Make a quick, dignified statement, blame no-one but himself, and then get off the podium.

Tonight, he apparently decided to vent his spleen a little. While I understand his anger and frustration after the accusations made against him, going to the press is the last thing his family needs right now, and it's the worst thing he can do for his reputation.

Coach Pitino should lay low, talk to the press through his lawyer, and not dignify the psycho hose beast that he schtupped in a restaurant any more press than she's already getting.

Go back to what you do well, Mr. Pitino. Don't feed the publicity monster and it will die soon enough.

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